Origins of the Cabin Cuddler

Airline pilot listens to passenger complaints, creates a contoured travel blanket with foot pocket.

Silver Spring, MD— Whenever US Airways Express captain Jim Levings walked through the cabin during a flight, he noticed how passengers struggled to stay warm with standard airline blankets. According to Levings, “The blankets are too small, they’re the wrong shape for the human body, and they do nothing to warm cold feet.”

Levings had a vision of a blanket that could be contoured to wrap around a person’s body and also include a foot pocket in which passenger feet could nestle securely. He felt so strongly about filling this travel need that he left his pilot’s job and, with the help of his wife and sister, created the Cabin Cuddler travel blanket. The design was so original that a U.S. Patent was granted for the one-of-a-kind foot pocket.

There was another reason for creating a personal travel blanket. Levings says, “Blankets are reused on airlines no matter how sick people may have been who used them, no matter how wet, moldy, or germy the blankets were.” To complement the germ-free environment he envisioned, Levings includes an inflatable pillow in the soft travel pack, which can also double as a pillow case.

The blankets, which are fully washable, fleece-lined, and pill-resistant, are also used for camping, other outdoor events, all forms of travel, and relaxing at home. Some people report the blanket makes a comfortable stadium seat when left in its lightweight carrying case. The case can hook onto luggage or be carried by hand.