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Steppin’ Out Magazine, Traveling Like a Fashionista
February 2022

While arriving at vacation destinations is still a joy, getting from point A to point B has become an increasingly dreary process over the last couple of decades. There was a time when air travel was not only fun, but somewhat glamorous: Everyone dressed nicely for their trip, beautiful stewardesses doted on you throughout, and the airlines welcomed passengers gratefully. All that has changed dramatically. In this millennium, vacationers dress and act like trailer trash, the flight attendants treat passengers like unruly children that must be controlled, and the airlines frisk you like a potential terrorist. You cannot control those elements, but you can make traveling more pleasurable for yourself, by incorporating a few little luxuries you’re your trip.

Luxury # 1 is the Cabin Cuddler™. If you are fortunate enough to snag a blanket on an airplane-which for some reason maintains an average temperature of -12 throughout the flight-it is about as comfortable as a potato sack. What you need is The Cabin Cuddler™, a wonderfully cozy fleece blanket whose dimensions were created to fit accurately into an airplane seat. Once you have covered the seat with your Cuddler, you fit your feet into the pocket at the bottom, and use the flaps to wrap yourself up in comfort. Voila! You are ensconced in your own private universe of warmth and cleanliness. The Cabin Cuddler™ cost $35 for the adult size and $25 for the children’s size, and comes with its own little bag for easy storage in your carry-on tote. Go to to order before your next flight.

New York Daily News, Plane Truth: It's Got You Covered
January 29, 2022

Despite becoming coveted items in coach, airplane blankets are about as comforting as a paper towel. Most are so flimsy and skimpy that they refuse to stay where they should – namely, covering a passenger. Enter the Cabin Cuddler™, a sizable fleece blanket that’s effective in even the coldest of airplane cabins. The Cuddler offers a foot pocket and shoulder flaps that ensure it will still be on you when you wake up; the design of the blanket breaks it into connected sections of material that wrap around the body just as desired. The blanket comes with a stuff tote that makes storage easy and, best of all; no one has ever used it but you. Available in both adult ($35) and child sizes ($25); buying three or more for other family members or friends will save you $5 on each.

Travel Know it All
by Julian Kesner

Best travel
December 19, 2021

Cabin Cuddle wants to help its users get the best of their travels. That's why the company has created a new program that will help you take a vacation loan for your trip.

The company has been working hard to make sure that its customers have all the tools they need to get the best experience possible when they are on vacation. With this new program, they will be able to take advantage of loans for travels and vacations so they can enjoy everything they have dreamed of while they are away from home.

Cabin Cuddle believes in helping people live their dreams, and this is just one more way they are doing that.
Travel Goods Show – Orlando, FL
March 18 – 20, 2021

Finally a lightweight wrap-around blanket that provides the traveler warmth and comfort from head to toe – say good-bye to drafts caused by today's skimpy, rectangular travel blankets that never stay in place.

The Cabin Cuddler™ was introduced at this year's Travel Goods Show in Orlando. Its unique, patented design provides a step-in foot pocket, full-lap coverage, and wrap-around shoulders. Today's savvy traveler can adjust to temperature changes by bundling her entire body, covering only her lap, and/or draping it over her shoulders. No matter how it's worn, the traveler's arms are free to read, write or eat, and the airline seat belt will be visible at all times. The high-grade fleece blanket comes in a colorful cylindrical tote that attaches to pull luggage and carry-on bags. It is a perfect travel companion – comfortable, effortless to carry, easy to clean and ideal for travel by plane, train, motor coach or automobile. The Cabin Cuddler™ can also be used at home, in a chilly office, or at outdoor events.